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Walter Uyehara |  07.29.2015, 20:23:56 | =
Windows 10 - An OS for AllIf there is an OS that will unify society, I think it will be Windows 10. Finally an OS that is not trying to self-promote, or trying to be "better than the competition” or trying to force others to think their way, but something for everyone – adjustable, smooth and intuitiveThe first time that you talk to Cortana, you actually start talking to her like a person - asking questions like, “what do you think of Siri?” or “do you love Apple?” Soon, you find yourself actually liking your computer again. My computer has become a friend. I try to talk to my phone and my iPad, but it really is not the same – they are just devices. They feel like devices. I don’t like to conform to “their way” nor do I like to adjust my thinking to suit a programmers idea of how I should think. But now with “10” I have a buddy. A friend. And I think that finally we have something that can relate with.And that is why I think “10” will become the OS that unifies the world. Whether you are in Kenya, Japan, the U.S or Australia, all will be using “10” and we will all be unified in how we treat her. 

Walter Uyehara |  12.02.2012, 08:36:59 | =
I just got a Sprint Airave. For those of you that dont' know what that is, its a device that helps Sprint phone coverage in your home. You plug it in to your router and you are supposed to get awesome coverage in your home. On a wild whim, I bought a used one on Ebay for $1.04 Yes that is correct. $1.04 (after shipping it came out to $13.04).After it arrived, I plugged it in and called Sprint to activate it. No hassles whatsoever. I gave them the MAC ID and they activated it in less then an hour. No additional cost, no hassles and now the results:All Bars!! I mean from 1 bar to All 4 bars. Any Sprint phone that comes near the office will get the same signal strength. It acts like a mini cell phone tower. with a radius of about 500ft. upstaris, basement, outside, I was getting 1 bar and dropouts. Now I have 4 bars! Why dont we do this in all our offices and homes?I suggest that if you have less then 2 bars at any location you are spending time at, I would invest in one of these. It only works with your specific carrier, but after evaluation it is a Great product. 

Christine Uyehara |  09.18.2012, 13:45:36 | =
"A sea of change is afoot in the IT job market, potentially affecting the employer/employee relationship for at least one-third of all IT pros." So says Greg Sheilds in his recent article 'The New Windows Admin: Employee or Freelance Contractor' in Septeber 2012 issue of Redmond magazine. There is a growing change for how IT positions are getting filled. According to statistics gathered by Russ Hearl, director of strategic alliances for the job search site Elance, the numbers jumped from 6 percent in 2008 to 14 percent in the first half of 2012 for positions being filled by contrators instead of salaried employees. These numbers are based on 800,000 monthly jobs that Elance fills for IT professionals and other industries. Further more, they expect those figures to jump to at least 33 percent by the end of this decade. One reason cited by Rich Pearson, CMO of Elance, as a reason for this change is, "Businesses are coming out of the recession leaner, yet needing to move faster...they're accelerating their transition to hiring on-demand."In light of these growing changes to how businesses are operating, it begs to question: Is your business strategy antiquated? If so, your competitor may be getting the edge by outsourcing their IT department to IT consulting companies like DuraSolutions. Don't be the last to find out how your business can run with greater efficiency and lower costs without compromising quality or security. You're smarter than that! Contact us for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to see what we can do for you!  

Walter Uyehara |  04.23.2012, 09:34:40 | =
One major aspect of any business is redundancy. What happens if you lose your server, workstation or data? The other day, a server went down at one of our clients. The motherboard's harddrive controler failed. If they did not have their disaster recovery solution in place, they would still be dead in the water. But since they had implimented our redundant BDR, they had only 15 minutes of downtime. This type of efficency was unheard of for SMBs a few years ago. Only big corporations were able to do this. Now that the price of this technology has come down so much, it is MANDATORY that all businesses rethink their Disaster Recovery solutions.  

Walter Uyehara |  05.27.2011, 14:22:43 | =
Yesterday I received a new Google Chromebook for review. It was really nice of them at Google to send us these laptops for review, before it is available to the general public.

After review my first impressions are One of the biggest positives is the battery life. I have been working on this notebook on and off since yesterday, without a power charge. Google says that it last 10 hrs, but really if you are not using it all the time, you can probably get 15 without plugging it in. That said, the negatives far outweigh the positives...

Even though it comes with a webcam, it is not supported.. (i understand it also comes with a GPS chip, but that is not supported either.It comes with an sd reader, but it is not supported either. A big one also is that NetFlix is not supported yet. So YouTube is all you get. So what is it good for? Basically, this is a internet device. It reminds me of the public library computer. It has all the features, but you cant use most of it. Wait until Google gets an updated Chrome OS system, or somehow integrates its Android OS with this.Or better yet, get an iPad. 

Christine Uyehara |  04.12.2011, 11:08:49 | =
Did you know that DuraSolutions is now certified with the MCITP: Enterprise Administrator (Microsoft Certified IT Professional)? What does this mean? Well, it means you have access to ever expanding skills and knowlege beyond the MCSE certification we already hold. Here's what Micorsoft's training site says about the certification in Q & A format:

Q. Does MCSA equate to MCITP: Server Administrator and does MCSE equate to MCITP: Enterprise Administrator?
A.No, not exactly. The MCITP on Windows Server 2008 certification requires a new skill set—in some cases, a more robust one—that differs from the skill set needed for MCSA and MCSE certifications.MCITP: Server Administrator certification covers more operations-related job skills than the MCSA certification.MCITP: Enterprise Administrator maps to an actual job role profile, whereas the MCSE certification does not. The latter combines technology and job skills.

Q. Are the MCTS and MCITP certifications replacing the MCSA and MCSE certifications?
A.No. The MCSA and MCSE certifications are not being replaced. There is no change to the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003 tracks and certifications. The MCTS and MCITP certifications are for Windows Server 2008.

Tap into the brightest DuraSolutions for your technology needs. We find that many companies need a resource to shore up their existing IT departments. Often their techs call upon us for the harder problems that extend beyond their knowlge. We're the tech's tech! 

Christine Uyehara |  04.19.2010, 13:56:20 | =
Is your company looking for ways to cut buget costs? In these economically challenging times, we at DURASOLTIONS understand. A possible solution is streamlining your technical staff. By outsourcing some of your technical work, you are tapping into the top technical minds and their up-to-the-minute technical knowledge on an "as needed" basis. You are not paying health insurance, worker's compensation insurance, or any other employee benefits...why not pocket that savings and hire out technical support for ONLY those times that you actually need it. Why are you paying for an employee during those hours when they are not making or saving you money?
We understand that certain aspects of your business require the personal human touch and that nothing can replace that. But we also have found that there are technical advances can help you run your business with greater efficiency and accuracy, delivery better overall service to your customers. Your competitors are quite likely already utilizing these technologies to gain an edge over your potential client base. Isn't it about time that you give your business the competiteve edge it deserves? Contact DURASOLUTIONS today for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to see how you can operate your business more dynamically with a smaller budget.  [END OF RECORD]
Walter |  12.05.2009, 11:28:33 |   =
So, your computer is slow and you want to get a faster one. You have been using your computer for years, and have lost the software disks, passwords and settings that is only on the computer that you have. So in the past you either have had to (1)bite the bullet and start from scratch with a new operating system or (2) continue to live with your slow computer. Now there is another alternative: cloning the computer.

I was at a vendor conference a couple of months ago, and had stopped by StorageCraft's booth. Featured was a product just for us IT support techs. A bare metal recovery system that transfered an Exchange server to a laptop! Needless to say, I was impressed. I went back to the office and ordered me the IT Edition of ShadowProtect. ShadowProtect IT Edition has the following disaster recovery, data protection and system migration features:
  • Bare metal recovery of Windows servers, desktops and laptops in minutes.
  • Ability to restore or migrate backup images without installing software.
  • Bootable recovery environment which provides automatic hardware detection and network support.
  • Complete support for Windows 7 and Windows 2008
  • New Boot Configuration tool to improve migrations and restores to different hardware or to and from virtual environments.
  • Ability to create full online or cold state backup images. - A simple view to quickly recover files and folders or update backup images.
  • Ability to compress and encrypt backup images for efficiency and security. - Configuration tools to manage domains, mapped drives and networking.
I have used this on several systems so far, all with a 100% sucsess rate. If you want to learn more about it, call me or email me at  

Christine Uyehara |  11.30.2009, 14:08:35 | =
DuraSolutions, Inc. is able to provide disk-based backup, disaster recovery, data protection and system migration solutions for its clients. Capitalize on the strength we can provide your company: Ability to do a bare metal recovery to the same system, dissimilar hardware or virtual environments (P2P, P2V, V2P, and V2V). Complete system backup - includes the operating system, applications, configuration & personal settings and data. Support Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint and other applications. Simple file and folder recovery from a point-in-time backup image. Support VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtual Iron, Xen, and other virtual environments for disaster recovery and system migration. Fast and efficient point-in-time backup images can be scheduled every 15 minutes with no downtime required. Backup images can be saved to any dick device including USB, FireWire, Blu-Ray, NAS, SAN, or any network location. Yet one more way that DuraSolutions continues to provide top-notch service and support to its client base. Your business needs the very best! Your business needs DuraSolutions! Contact us today for a FREE Onsite Consultation and FREE Network Assessment! Phone (914) 517-2022 Fax (914) 239-4854 Email DuraSolutions - technical consulting For Service. For Support. For Security. 

Christine Uyehara |  07.06.2009, 12:15:05 | =
DuraSolutions can help your company achieve its goals and turn your ideas into fully functional systems. Contact us today for a FREE Onsite Consultation and FREE Network Assessment!DuraSolutionsFor Service. For Support. For Security.Phone:(914) 517-2022Fax:(914) 

Christine Uyehara |  07.01.2009, 16:19:55 | =
Summer Vacations...Kids Are Out for Summer

Is your company's IT department ready for vacation requests? As a small business, there are numerous business advantages to outsourcing your IT services. If you have an employee who is your dedicated IT generalist, consider the impact to your business when that person gets sick or takes vacation. Are you in compliance with employment overtime laws when your staff is required to work evenings or weekends? Does your business have a single point of failure on one or two key individuals.If you're looking for a solution to staffing needs for time off, don't forget about DuraSolutions. We can provide expert IT support that fills in personnel gaps, whether those gaps are due to vacation demands, sick or personal days off, or even company downsizing needs in a tight economy. We're here for you! Give us a call today and see what we can do for you! 

Christine Uyehara |  05.13.2009, 16:35:40 | =
You might know that DuraSolutions, Inc. is a Computer Technology Consulting, IT Specialists company. You might also know that DuraSolutions is your "go-to" for service, for support, for security. And you might even know that DuraSolutions is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MSCE), Microsoft Certified Tehcnology Specialits (MCTS), certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist (MSBS) company servicing small to medium sized businesses within Westchester and its surrounding counties. But did you know that DuraSolutions is a Minority and Women Owned Business (MWOB)? Well, now you know. We are happy to provide your company with a FREE ONSITE CONSULTATION to help you determine your technical needs. If you are looking for a second opinion, simply need an assessment / quote, exploring possible technical options for your company, or actively searching for a technical consulting firm, you found the right place. We can help you determine the most durable solutions to your technical problems. DuraSolutions. For Service. For Support. For Security. 

Christine Uyehara |  05.06.2009, 20:10:52 | =
DuraSolutions recently acquired a new client who is a leading designer and manufacturer of Radiation Oncology equipment, most specifically, therapy and diagnostic accessories and supplies. We are happy to expand our "industries serviced" to include the medical field of Radialogy Oncology. DuraSolutions can help you too. Contact us today for your FREE ONSITE INITIAL CONSULTATION. You will be treated with dignity and respect. DuraSolutions: For Service. For Support. For Security. 

Christine Uyehara |  05.06.2009, 19:55:56 | =
DuraSolutions is now a Microsoft Certifed Technology Specialist (MCTS) company. We are dedicated to providing the best service possible to our clients by continuing the learning process, keeping abreast of certification needs, and expanding our knowledge and skills in the everchanging field of technology, all to serve you better!Call or email for your FREE ONSITE INITIAL CONSULTATION.  

Christine Uyehara |  02.25.2009, 18:15:17 | =
We support small to mid-sized corporations/ businesses in the Hudson Valley area of New York. We are not limited to servicing clients in the White Plains area of Westchester County. We invite surrounding counties in the area to seek out our services as well. We are able to extend services to Putnam, Orange, Rockland Counties, Bronx, New York, Fairfield County Connecticut, and even into New Jersey.

If you're looking for "kid glove" treatment, you found the right place! The only thing that exceeds our knowledge and experience is our customer service dedication. We will take care of you. No matter how expert or novice you are in the technical field, we will treat you with dignity and respect. Try us, you won't be disappointed!  [END OF RECORD]
Christine Uyehara |  02.17.2009, 14:55:35 |   =
Please allow me to introduce DuraSolutions, Inc., a technical consulting company dedicated to service, support, and security. We are confident that we can meet Information Technology needs! Tough economic times call for durable and efficient measures. But how can you streamline budgets without skimping on service quality and security?

A very common and cost-effective solution accepted in nearly every industry is technical outsourcing services and staff augmentation. This is where you pay only for the services you need, as you need them. Most importantly, for those times when there is a business lull, you are not wasting payroll dollars on a “warm body” to sit in a chair, doing nothing.

A primary concern expressed with securing outside IT services is the level of trust and discretion in handling confidential and vital data. DuraSolutions has an enduring history of working with clientele who deal with extremely sensitive information. Some of the industries we have worked with include accounting firms, law offices, banking and lending companies, religious and educational organizations, airports, funeral homes, healthcare providers, chemical solvents, and environmental cleanup for nuclear waste.  

Christine Uyehara |  02.05.2009, 18:30:02 | =
DuraSolutions is considering starting a Q & A forum to handle random IT questions that you may have called "Ask-a-Tech" or some other catch name (this is in the brainstorming stages presently). Meanwhile, should you have a general computer question, we would like for you to submit it here and we will review it. Eventually, we will add this feature to the menu bar. As time permits and if you provide enough information in your question, we will provide you an answer.
Here's a sample question we got today:

QUESTION:After bringing my computer home from a virus removal, I am now unable to access certain accounts. Specifically, my Yahoo e-mail, my Amazon account, my Blogger account and my Alibris account.I can get to the sites and all through the sites, just not my accounts. When I click on "sign-in" I get a page saying "internet explorer cannot display this webpage".The "Geek Squad" wants me to bring it back to them (for a third time and this problem didn't exist before they took it) and won't just tell me what buttons to push, even though, they admit, that's all they're going to do. They don't need to hook up to any special components. Believe me, if I told you the whole story, you would understand why I don't want them touching my computer again.Is there anyone out there who can help me out with this, so that I can access my accounts?
ANSWER: Walter writes: Without an in depth understanding of all what the Geek Squad did, and only by a cursory analysis from your description of your problem, I would say that Internet Explorer is missing some components that made your accounts work. The cause was probably by the virus/malware/spyware. The quickest fix, without going into details, is for you to use a different browser.Firefox, which is a well accepted browser, can be downloaded for free here:
If man can make it, man can break it, and man can fix it. It's just a matter of how much time and money that you want to put into fixing the problem. (Again, this is simply a quick fix.) Walter Uyehara, MCSE DuraSolutions, 

Christine Uyehara |  02.03.2009, 15:50:46 | =
COMPANY PROFILE: Computer Technology Consulting, IT Specialists – for service, for support, for security. DuraSolutions is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MSCE) and certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist (MSBS) company servicing small to medium sized businesses within Westchester and its surrounding counties.

We offer all prospective clients a FREE onsite initial consultation without further obligation.
SERVICES: 24/7 telephone support options, or “as needed” technical support, computer network consulting, staff augmentation/ outsourcing services, disaster recovery implementation (backup, storage, systems recovery solutions), network monitoring, onsite technical support, remote access configuration for off-site productivity, systems analysis & administration (network, database, email/Exchange), web design & Access (CMS, Sharepoint design & administration), database development, design & programming ( SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Access, firewalls, security, paperless office), systems analysis & troubleshooting, repairs (hardware & peripherals), software training, procurement.
QUALIFICATIONS: 20+ years of design & development expertise in cooperation with your ideas for solutions that meet your needs. Small Business Server Specialist, Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider (MSCP), Microsoft Certified Professional, Certified Novell Administrator, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Watchdog Certified Systems Professional, Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist rating. Dell & Microsoft seller. INDUSTRIES SERVICED: accounting firms, law offices, lending companies, religious organizations, airports, funeral homes, garden centers, recreational facilities, transcription services, healthcare, media/radio stations, artists, chemical solvents, environmental cleanup for nuclear waste (to name a few). DuraSolutions can help you too! 

Christine Uyehara |  01.26.2009, 16:03:57 | =
DuraSolutions specializes in small business technical solutions. Some of the clientel we service include industries such as: accounting firms, law offices, lending companies, religious organizations, airports, funeral homes, healthcare, media/radio stations, artists, industrial solvents, and environmental cleanup for nuclear waste (to name a few). Allow us to help your organization be on the cutting edge with 24/7 phone support options, or "as needed" technical support. FREE ONSITE INITIAL CONSULTATION, with no further obligation to buy.In this present economy, it just makes more sense to keep you IT staff lean by outsourcing with a certified Microsoft partner, paying only for the services you need, as you need them. Try Us, RISK FREE! 

Walter Uyehara |  11.06.2008, 17:30:45 | =
Graphics. It’s all about the graphics. I began my reading of Microsoft’s white paper of the Pre-Beta release of Windows 7 and looking at the new features of the operating system. Multi-monitor integration, 3D acceleration, and high def support are just some of the aspects that will be built in to the operating system. DirectX 10 is the minimum support and Direct 11 or 12 will be the recommended level.Touch screen support will also be built in. What it comes down to is that computers running this system need to be fast. The key is that vendors NEED to start supporting this system. Programs like QuickBooks, Adobe and Symantec will need to start designing their software to be 64 Bit and support for the new graphic system. 

Walter Uyehara |  10.21.2008, 17:46:12 | =
Website and Databases

The more I see it, proprietary software will be fading away giving way to Web Aplications more and more. We here at Durasolutions have so many of our clients turning to Web Applications. This allows users to upgrade their computers easily without any software compatibility issues. With the mobile workforce accessing enterprises, it is the only logical way to go, and in time, maybe even operating systems will be a thing of the past. 

Walter Uyehara |  08.24.2008, 23:42:41 | =
Addicted to HuluHulu. I wonder how long it will take for it to become a household name. I asked ten people if they knew what Hulu was. All ten of them had no idea. But make no mistake. Hulu will become a permanent way of the internet.Video is the next big thing on the Web, and more and more organizations are embracing it as the way to provide an equal experience for Web surfers who don't necessarily have the time to watch television during the day.But for all the video services, and there are many, Hulu easily stands above the rest and provides us with the best programming and experience. YouTube’s quality cannot be compared to the awesome clarity of high definition 480p that Hulu has.But the beauty of Hulu goes far beyond programming. Hulu is real proof that the entertainment industry is slowly coming around to the idea of embracing the Web and not being afraid of it, and proves a point I've been making all along: most people are honest and are more than willing to do the right thing to enjoy their favorite shows.After watching The Bionic Woman on Hulu, I just had to go out and buy me an updated GeForce 8600gt just so I could watch these movies and TV shows on my 22” monitor in full screen without any hesitation. You don’t need to have a super-fast computer or video card, but having one doesn’t hurt especially if you want to watch your shows in full screen. Now It rivels any low definition shows on my 37” TV.Yes, Cable and network TV is still the current popular format of the world’s entertainment. But make no mistake. We are on the verge of internet TV like we have never seen before. 

Walter Uyehara |  07.26.2008, 16:07:15 | =
Today we installed a Windows 2008 network for a client. I am very surprised on how smooth the installation process went. The one thing that is totally different from other of Microsoft OS’s is the use of wizards. Wizard for everything: security, active directory, add roles. I kinda like it, but you have to get used to it. Server Manager is a new roles-based management tool, but it really is unnecessary for daily maintenance.

Another thing that most admins need to get used to is the security features. 2008 installs with everything turned off, unlike previous versions of Microsoft Servers. It is almost like ISA in some aspects. You have to know the software that you will be using on the network both internally and externally. Don’t be surprised that a software that was working on a 2003 server will no longer work on 2008 because of some obscure port being blocked.

Another difference is IIS7. Talk about changing the look! I felt that it was like switching the gas and brake pedals on my car. This is one thing that took some getting used to. FTP still uses IIS6, which is also installed alongside of IIS7.

Other than these changes, I can’t see that much improvement over Windows 2003. I read somewhere that 2008 is faster than 2003. I find that hard to believe, unless you strip it down as a Server Core Installation, without Windows Explorer Shell. If you have a decent network running a Windows 2003, there is really no need to go gung ho to getting it to Windows 2008. Having said that, I am looking forward to working with the upcoming Windows 2008 Small Business Server. 

Walter Uyehara |  02.19.2008, 06:56:25 | =
Now that the High Definition (Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD) war has ended and Blue-Ray wins, The next question is what is the format for the next recordable High Def DVD. Since Microsoft was on-board with HD-DVD, I wounder who will lead the camp for the next gen format.The other thing to watch is to see if prices for Blue-Ray will start to climb. No competition, means Playstation 3 sets will not need to go lower in price. But lets see what this year brings about. 

Walter Uyehara |  01.07.2008, 07:44:26 | =
I get this question all the time. How do I list the file names in a folder?

Well, in the good 'ol DOS days it was a simple command. But now we want everything done for us. In Windows you still can run DOS commands, and this is still the easiest list the contents of a folder. Here is how I do it:

Open Notepad (only), type in **exactly** (or copy/paste from here) dir %1 > C:list.txt: clsSave it in C:WindowsSend To folder as textdir.BAT

Now when you want to a printout of the files in a folder, right click on the folder in Windows Explorer, and select Send TO->textdir.bat it will now make a file caled 'list.txt" in the C: drive.  [END OF RECORD]
Walter Uyehara |  12.31.2007, 09:11:09 |   =
This week I helped install another Microsoft Small Business Server. I have been installing these and helping administer these since Microsoft came out with SBS 2000. What I am constantly amazed at is how little people know of what I believe is Microsoft's best valued product for a small business. Actually when I say small, it is kind of relative. 75 users or less. Actual users who need email and secured access. That according to statistics is over 90% of all business in the nation. I listed some of the benefits that SBS 2003 can do for your office. I believe that if you are looking for a solution for your business technology needs in your office, SBS will usually have the answer.
Protect your business and prevent data loss

A more secure infrastructure protects your business from unauthorized users and data loss with:
Built-in firewall protection and security-enhanced remote access.
Tools to manage and monitor Internet access, block spammers, and automatically remove dangerous e-mail attachments to help prevent virus attacks.
Automatic data backup and the ability to retrieve and restore previous versions.
Get the "green check" of software health

Automated patch and update management tools keeps PCs and servers up to date, and a daily report is e-mailed to you (or your IT consultant) so you can identify issues before they occur. A green check indicates that your system is healthy, or the report details actions necessary for attaining "green check" status.
Keep your business up and running with a reliable network

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