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Windows 8 Is Coming!
April 23, 2012
Built on the solid foundation of Windows 7, Windows 8 helps businesses unleash the full power of their people while meeting modern usersí expectations of technology. With seamless connections to people and information, full-screen immersive apps, and built-in malware resistance, strong authentication, and data encryption, Windows 8 provides a great user experience along with a more secure and manageable platform. Windows is reimagined to best support peopleís unique working styles. The new user interface and app model enables workers to be more productive with immersive apps. A reimagined Start screen comes alive with activity, helping people stay current with thelatest information. Businesses can create their own immersive line-of-business apps to help improve worker productivity.Work on the roadWith Windows 8, mobile and remote workers can stay better connected and be more productive, while IT professionals can ensure that corporate data is safer and more secure. Road warriors can take their Windows 8 PCs with them, confident that the built-in Wi-Fi and mobile broadband solutions can help them stay connected whether theyíre on-site with acustomer, waiting for a flight, or working from a branch office.Windows To GoGrowing mobility and consumerization trends pressure IT professionals to provide users with secure access to a corporate operating system and apps in situations when a device or network is out of the IT departmentís control. Windows 8 includes the ability to provide users with a full corporate copy of Windows (along with userís business apps, data, and settings) on a USB storage device. When users boot their Windows To Go device into any Windows 8 compatible PC* they get a rich, consistent and personlized Windows environment and it operates as a more secure and fully managed device. When they shut down, they can remove the USB device, and it is ready to use on another PC.DirectAccessIT Professionals must ensure that mobile users are productive, connected, and secure. DirectAccess allows remote users to seamlessly access resources inside of a corporate network without having to launch a separate connection to the network, such as a virtual private network (VPN). To use DirectAccess, companies need to use Active Directory DomainServices and Windows Server 8.DirectAccess can help remote users to seamlessly access internal resources such as line-ofbusiness apps and internal websites. DirectAccess connects client computers to the internal network when the computer connects to the Internet. Administrators can monitor connections and remotely manage client computers that are using DirectAccess to connect to the Internet.SummaryWindows 8 provides a great opportunity for businesses to empower their workforce. With new and improved features that support working remotely, ease-of-management for administrators, and a natural and inviting user interface, Windows 8 can help your employees be more productive and help keep your data more secure.
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