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Microsoft Surface Pro!
February 11, 2013
OK. So here it goes. All the critics out there that are dissing the new Surface Pro can complain all they want. Because all I need to say is I got one and they don’t!! Any one that doesn’t have one can comment all they want about how bad Microsoft is, and how they are playing catchup to Apple. But let me tell you this… There is nothing that this Surface Pro can’t do better and faster than ANYTHING that Apple, Linux, Unix, Blackberry, Android has to offer. Just imagine… The most powerful practical portable device ever. Because it is a Windows 8 operating system, I set up an SIP softphone, an FTP server, two Oracle Virtual Box systems running a Windows 2008r2 and SUSE. Anyone that is complaining about space, I dumped an extra 64GB microSD chip to handle the extra load. I can print to every shared printer on my network, run my Quickbooks and Skype all while I watch the new “Lincoln” on JustinTV. Tell me… What tablet can do that?I took all my notes this morning by writing in OneNote. Not typing, but writing! I did most of my Google searches with voice commands, just because I could.Believe me, a new era has arrived in computing. The desktop and laptops are going to go away. Because if this is what the future has in store for us, why do we need a desktop any longer? Let me tell you that the Surface Pro has raised the bar on all future products. Anything less than this will be, well, less. I can see future products, by other companies like ACER, ASUS, SAMSUNG etc. making faster products with greater battery life, smaller screens, lighter weight, more memory, with 4g. But what they will have as the backbone is Windows 8. And folks, that is where good ‘ol Microsoft will reign again. Because let’s face it. Apple is a hardware company. And until they make their software that can come close to what Windows 8 can do, who is going to want just an old iPad IOS 6 or anything running an OS X Mountain Lion?It’ll be years before Linux will catch up to the touch interface that Windows 8 has. Google will have to go back to the drawing board with their Chromebook. And their Android… could it ever dream of running MySQL or SQL Server express?The world has been waiting for the most powerful portable device that is not a laptop. And it has got it with the Surface Pro.
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