Website Development

So you're ready for a website. Or maybe you already have one and it needs a serious upgrade. Either way, DuraSolutions got you covered.

Our signature product is our CMS, a content management system for the web. CMS sites are editable websites designed with small and medium businesses in mind. We know you don't write html code. You're not a programmer, nor do you have time to be. Our CMS provides a word-processing interface much like Microsoft Word that allows even a new computer user to make changes to the website in a snap. You can add or change text, insert documents or photos, create hyperlinks to other websites and e-mail addresses, and much more.

Many web developers will design a site that looks fantastic, but then anytime you need a change made you have to go through them again, you're not a programmer. This can be highly profitable for that web developer, but quite costly to the client.

Our CMS puts the power in your hands, so that you don't have to pay huge hourly rates to webmasters in order to get simple changes to your site. You know your business better than we do anyway, so it only makes sense that you have easy access to make your site what you want it to be.

We also offer custom website design, and have the experts and tools to create exactly what you envision. We'll tailor the site to your needs, whether that includes forms, flash, e-commerce capabilities, or custom programming. You'll be pleasently suprised how easy it is to use!